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Hello true believers! Can you all believe it? Another year has gone by, and another TAY Secret Santa has already come along! Although I haven’t really been active on TAY, I live on in the TAY Twittersphere of influence.


For those of you who are not familiar with me, I’m from the DMV, land of the legendary Mambo (it’s Mumbo darn it) Sauce, and I currently work near the future location of the new Amazon HQ in Crystal City.

Once again, since this is the most difficult time of year to figure out what I really want (even my birthdays are difficult), here’s a nice quaint list of things that bring me joy:

  • TormentingEducating Zarnyx on the joys of the cucurbita pepo.
  • Atelier Games
  • Going on a Warframe binge
  • The art of Yoshitako Amano (I have the FF Art Book and Vampire Hunter D Art Book).
  • Enjoying me some Spidermen
  • Knowing the entirety of Neversoft’s Spiderman for the PSX by heart.
  • Going on an anime binge every season.
  • Inadvertently collecting Magic: The Gathering cards (I love artifacts)
  • Crying, as my unfinished stack of GunPla kits grow (please don’t buy me more, I feel guilty at this point).

Feel free to add me on the following:

PSN: Onekane

Blizzard: Onekane#1318

Steam: aceman08

If you have no idea what to give me at this point, I’d love to receive something that represents your interest (If you’re artsy, I’d even enjoy your art!). Otherwise, contact Ben via so he can admonish me!

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