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Hello true believers! My name is ValleySwag, and I love chocolate. My favorite game of all time is Threads of Fate (Dewprism), and I mainly play PS4/Vita/PC games. I’m mostly into JRPG’s, but I tend to step out of my zone and play just about anything else under the sun, except sports games. This is my first ever Secret Santa, so I hope it’ll be tons of fun!


I’m currently a slave to Trails of Cold Steel II and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ.

Clothes I’d Like:

I’m actually in the middle of a wardrobe purge right now, so I’d rather not receive anything at the moment; however... a plain small white or black V-neck from here or here is totally fine!


Things I Enjoy:

  • Tormenting Zarnyx with pumpkins
  • Anime (so much anime...)
  • Gundam Model Kits
  • JRPGs (I’ve never tried any VNs, such as Danganronpa or Zero Escape yet) on the Vita (My PSN is Onekane)
  • Collecting old Spiderman Comics
  • Warframe
  • Cooking (I ironically lack a Chef’s Knife)

Look forward to this year’s Secret Santa!

PSN: Onekane

Steam: aceman08



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